See what our patients are saying!

Dr. Salem is the best orthodontist! The clinic is clean and the staff is super friendly! I look forward to every appointment!

UPDATE: Just completed my treatment, and I couldn’t be happier! Huge thanks to Dr. Salem, Katie, and the whole staff!

-Rami R.

Absolutely magical. My teeth are perfect. Now I can go around beaming with happiness:)


I had a great time at Dr. Salem’s office. Nice people and my teeth feel good.

-Rishi S.

Thank you so much Dr. Salem for sponsoring the Attleboro Arts Museum’s 2017 ALL SMILES Art Contest! This will be Salem Orthodontics 4th year sponsoring this unbelievable art contest for ages 5-17. Dr. Salem and his Staff recognize the importance of arts for our youth and work to directly support creative learning opportunities that allow students to voice their creativity and comment on their culture. This effort is so critical! The Attleboro Arts Museum and I are grateful for Dr. Salem’s continued support and look forward to another special year of artful smiles! Thank you again, Abby Rovaldi, AAM Programs Coordinator.

-Abby R.

I had an amazing Experience over the 2 Years I had braces on I got my braces off today and they look amazing I couldn’t recommend anyone else but them thank you!!!!!
-Troy M.

I was very happy with the process at Salem Orthodontist. The staff made it a enjoyable experience and always provided their best work for the patients.

-Lilia F.

Happy with everything. Thanks so much for fixing my smile.

-Joshua C.

Getting braces as an adult was the last thing I really wanted to do. I had just accepted I had a crooked smile and it was what it was. I was told by my dentist that due to the crowding I would continue to have gum issues and bone loss if I didn’t correct it so based on their referral I went to Dr. Salem for a consultation. The experience was exceptional from day one. Every person who did an adjustment for me was knowledgeable, supportive, and caring. I appreciated Dr. Salem’s honesty and transparency with each visit as he let me know where I was at and what needed to happen next. I could tell they really cared about my end results and wouldn’t settle for less then perfection, which was always reassuring even if it meant a few more weeks of treatment to make sure my teeth looked great when they came off. The entire team made me feel welcome at every visit and I was not a transaction but part of their community, which I witnessed across their interactions with other patients as well. I just got my braces off and am extremely pleased with the finished product! I had accepted crooked teeth for so long and while I went for medical reasons it feels great to smile with straight teeth. I highly recommend Dr Salem and his staff for your orthodontic needs!

-Melanie R.

I’ve had braces for about 2 1/2 years and I finally got them off! I love my new smile it’s so pretty!!

-Mia G